An Old Soul Jewelry

OLD adjective ˈōld : of, relating to, or originating in a past era

SOUL noun ˈsōl : the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in

many religions is believed to live forever

An Old Soul – an inherent spiritual guide that reflects on our past, helps us acknowledge beauty

in our present and instills us with ardor and confidence for the future.

Family-owned and 100% handcrafted in the USA, An Old Soul Jewelry was founded in Los

Angeles, California, in 2013. Designer and native Los Angeleno Nicole Shahar creates

beautifully inspired pieces using semi-precious stones, crystals and other high-quality findings.

Inspired by the diversity of her hometown and a mixed family heritage (Italian, Filipino and

Mexican!), Nicole designs jewelry for women of every race, age and walk of life.

A closer look at what we do here at An Old Soul:

From start to finish, our hand-crafted process takes place at a small studio in Glendale,

California, where a team of women create the collections that we sent to our stores. Each piece

at an An Old Soul begins as a spool of waxed linen string and a couple handfuls of crystals and

stones. First, we string hardened glass crystals and semi-precious stones onto the string, bead

by bead. Next, the beads are crocheted using a hand needle; it takes between 10 and 45

minutes to produce one piece, depending on the length of the necklace and the experience of

the crocheter. The necklace is then closed by attaching a toggle and/or pendant by hand with

pliers. Finally the necklace is handed over to our shipping office (at the back of the studio)

where we shine, label and package the item. Each necklace passes through the hands of at

least four women before leaving our studio.

It is this process that makes our jewelry truly “hand-crafted” and guarantees its high

quality. Our prices remain competitive with much of the overseas factory-made jewelry

because we are a small, well-oiled machine (ironically in a studio with no machines).

Although many raw stones are not mined within the U.S., we use American distributors to

source our beads and buy all of our metal components and string from American suppliers. We

feel a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that we can create a product in California while

keeping our prices low. We are sold in specialty boutiques, apparel stores as well as at hotel gift

shops, wineries, spa/salons, home goods stores, stationery shops and department stores.

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