Adia Kibur

Nadia Lee discovered her passion for designing and marketing fashion jewelry by pure coincidence.  As an aspiring diplomat, with a degree in International Relations from Scripps College, it was while traveling to the East that Nadia's current course was shaped.  She was touring a metal works factory in her family's native Taiwan when she noticed a young girl wearing a bracelet made from a tiny metal spring.  The creative design and sheer honesty of the piece sparked an idea in her mind.   "I realized there is a common language which stems from our innate need for self-expression."

With her newfound passion, Nadia launched her company Adia Kibur Accessories. The playfulness and originality of the "spring" bracelet concept soon caught the attention of buyers across the globe.  The company's initial success allowed Nadia to investigate new markets, pioneering a system of jewelry design based on guitar strings that would ultimately lead to the enormous popularity of the Adia Kibur line.

From the outset, Nadia has had her eye toward future expansion.  At present, Adia Kibur products are featured at over five thousand retail boutiques and specialty chain stores.  Nadia's formula of style based on self-expression has paid off both financially and personally.  At only twenty-seven-years-old, she was awarded for the 2001 Small Business Administration's "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" Award for the Los Angeles region in May 2002. 2008 Inc Magazine named Adia Kibur Accessories as the 1527 of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the US...

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